Photo: André Løyning

Photo: André Løyning

Robin Hayward – microtonal F-tuba

Martin Taxt – microtonal C-tuba

Peder Simonsen – microtonal C-tuba

Consisting of three fully microtonal tubas, Microtub explores group tuba music from the perspective of microtonality. Colour-coded sculptural scores are used to define areas of harmonic space in Just Intonation, presenting geometric structures to be explored by the players over time.

Microtub have presented their music at various festivals such as Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, Ultima Festival in Oslo, Festival Densites in France, Kongsberg Jazz in Norway and FIMAV in Canada. They have also been touring Germany and Japan.

Their most recent release is Bite of the Orange, available on SOFA Music. Both their self-titulated debut album from 2011, and Star System from 2014, both released on SOFA Music, received great reveiws in various magazines around the world. 




Toshimaru Nakamura is a pioneer on his instrument no-input mixing board. Releasing nearly hundred albums since the mid 90’s, including 9 solo albums. However, in this project with Martin Taxt he appears with a new approach to his instrument. Taxt has connected his microtonal tuba to Nakamura’s mixer through a microphone, and thus interrupts his analog signal. This creates a raw, brutal and surprising character to the music. Since releasing the album "Pan on Fire" on Monotype Records in October 2015, they've played shows in Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Japan. 

Their second album 'Listening to the footsteps of living ones who are still on the ground'  was released on FTARRI in April 2017. Recorded during their Japan tour in April 2016. 


Photo: Asle Nilsen

Photo: Asle Nilsen

VERDENSTEATRET are artists from different art-fields who work together and make live-art and other art-related projects. They endeavour to use a collaborative process to deeply integrate different artistic disciplines into projects that bridge the gap between artistic boarders.Characteristic for their work is that they are building exquisite links between seemingly incompatible technologies and materials. The experimental use of audiovisual technology in a close dialogue with more traditional and historic tools of artistic expression results in complex orchestral works or space-related musical compositions.

Seeing the sound, listening to the images.

Today Verdensteatret is one of the most innovative companies in Norway. Their works are presented widely international in different art contexts and locations, such as art galleries, contemporary music festivals and theatres. They have developed a unique and complex audiovisual style, where sound spaces mingle with sculptural scenography and stories of the fragile human soul.

They say that their activity now has become a ”telling orchestra” that performs compositions in the “movable room genre”. Established notions of form or style about “performance” are more or less useless for these peculiarly captivating works of art.

Verdensteatret is supported by Arts Council Norway and other official art-foundations in Norway. 


Håvard Volden - electric guitar, tape machines

Henrik Olsson - objects, friction and piezo

Martin Taxt - microtonal tuba and electronics

Muddersten was established as a trio in 2015, and released their first album, Karpatklokke, on SOFA Music in January 2017. Already in April 2018 their second album Playmates was released. Both albums has been received well. 


Music for a while

Photo: Åsa Maria Mikkelsen

Photo: Åsa Maria Mikkelsen

Music for a while, lead by Norway's uncrowned queen of cabaret, Tora Augestad, released their long-awaited second album with the ambiguous title Graces that refrain to high acclaim in 2012. Now they release their new album with starling winter songs with shimmers of christmas: Canticles of Winter. As leading lady for Music for a while, Augestad fronts a dream team of Norwegian jazz musicians: Stian Carstensen (Farmers Market), Mathias Eick (Jaga Jazzist, Manu Katché), Martin Taxt (Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Koboku Senju) and Pål Hausken (In the Country, Susanna). What particularly characterizes Music for a while, is the group´s personal, organic and creative treatment of the material. On their critically acclaimed first album, Weill Variations, the band did original and fresh versions of Kurt Weill´s immortal music. Graces that refrain features fearless "cover versions" of compositions in classical music: from John Dowland to Poulenc.