microtub (photo: André Løyning)

Photo: André Løyning

Robin Hayward – microtonal F-tuba

Martin Taxt – microtonal C-tuba

Peder Simonsen – microtonal C-tuba

Consisting of three fully microtonal tubas, Microtub explores group tuba music from the perspective of microtonality. Colour-coded sculptural scores are used to define areas of harmonic space in Just Intonation, presenting geometric structures to be explored by the players over time.

Microtub have presented their music at various festivals such as Festival Densites in France, Kongsberg Jazz in Norway and ITEC in Linz, Austria. They have also been touring Germany and Japan.

Both their self-titulated debut album from 2011, and Star System from 2014, both released on SOFA Music, received great reveiws in various magazines around the world. 



Toshimaru Nakamura is a pioneer on his instrument no-input mixing board. Releasing nearly hundred albums since the mid 90’s, including 9 solo albums. However, in this project with Martin Taxt he appears with a new approach to his instrument. Taxt has connected his microtonal tuba to Nakamura’s mixer through a microphone, and thus interrupts his analog signal. This creates a raw, brutal and surprising character to the music. Since releasing the album "Pan on Fire" on Monotype Records in October 2015, they've played shows in Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Japan.